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Al Rassam Al Arabi

Al Rassam Al Arabi for Windows allows the user to enter Arabic text into CorelDRAW, Illustrator, Freehand, Photoshop, Flash, and so on.
The user can... (more detail)

Arabic Font Collection

These new Arabic font CD-ROMs contain beautifully designed Arabic XT/Kalimat/Al Rassam fonts. The entire Arabic fonts library for Arabic XT/Kalimat is now... (more detail)


Award-winning, ArabicXT 5.0 is an XTensions module that turns QuarkXPress into an Arabic professional desktop-publishing software by adding several features to it. As a unique... (more detail)


ArtSwapper automates swapping between low-resolution and high-resolution versions of art for use in QuarkXPress work and print. ArtSwapper saves the user time since all pictures... (more detail)


With autoHTML, export articles from one or more QuarkXPress documents as HTML files, which can be used as a basis for publishing text on the... (more detail)

Autopage Personal Edition

The personal edition of Autopage provides a low-cost alternative to expensive, proprietary, automated book page-layout systems. Autopage Personal Edition works with industry-standard software and hardware... (more detail)

Autopage Pro

Now there is a low-cost alternative to expensive, proprietary, automated book page-layout systems: Autopage Pro. Autopage Pro works with industry-standard software and hardware to provide... (more detail)


Using a unique and incredibly simple graphical interface, the BackShader XTensions module allows the user to intuitively and interactively modify the settings of paragraph rules... (more detail)

BarCoder XT

BarCoder XT creates UPC, EAN, and ISBN bar codes. The bar codes are saved as EPS files for high-resolution output. With BarCoder XT, select the... (more detail)

Batch Collect XTension

For additional savings, check out the bundle: Batch Bundle.
The Batch Collect XTensions module allows QuarkXPress users to gather all elements required to produce or... (more detail)

Batch Print XTension

For additional savings, check out the bundle: Batch Bundle.
The Batch Print XTensions module helps to streamline printing operations by allowing groups of QuarkXPress documents... (more detail)

Batch Update XTension

For additional savings, check out the bundle: Batch Bundle.
The Batch Update XTensions module automatically updates all modified and missing pictures throughout an entire group... (more detail)


BatchPrinter is an XTensions module that facilitates printing the entire contents of QuarkXPress folders. This is a big help for anyone who needs to print... (more detail)

BigPicture XT

In one awesome package, BigPicture XT provides the most comprehensive solution for managing graphics and links. With BigPicture XT, get instant access to detailed image... (more detail)

BIM Utility Bundle

The BIM Utility Bundle is a suite of XTensions modules for QuarkXPress that provide a number of productivity-enhancing tools.
[font collector] collects all of the... (more detail)

Blacklining QuarkXPress

Blacklining QuarkXPress is an XTensions module that retains a complete audit trail of all changes made to the text of a QuarkXPress document. This process... (more detail)


BobTail brings added speed and agility to QuarkXPress. It provides a sleek palette of up to 40 configurable buttons. Quickly label a button with an... (more detail)


With BodyGuardXT, control user access to QuarkXPress documents and decide which users are allowed to open, work on, save, and print documents. The [user administration... (more detail)


QuarkXPress automatically creates facing pages in reader's spreads format. Page two faces page three, just as the pages appear in the final publication. This is... (more detail)


Everybody who uses QuarkXPress has a constant need to incrementally move and change items, groups, text, lines, and so on. Move to the left, the... (more detail)

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