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QuarkXPress XTensions; Adobe Photoshop, Acrobat, Premiere, and Illustrator Plug-ins;
Macromedia FreeHand, Flash, Fireworks, and Director Xtras; extensions and extensible software is offered.

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Free Sign Pro

Free Sign Pro, until now known primarily as cutting software, brings to the table a large-format digital printing facility. Its powerful, easy-to-use interface enables the... (more detail)

Freebird COM Object

Freebird COM Object is custom designed for larger businesses faced with managing complex publication workflows that create, maintain, and disseminate information via print, interactive web... (more detail)

Galaxy Color Map Pro

There are two ways to find and spec CMYK colors: flip through a color fan book or look on the Map, the Color Map Pro... (more detail)

Galaxy Font ID

Find a font quickly with Galaxy Font ID. Typefaces are arranged by category, to zero-in on the typeface fast. Some designers use it as quick... (more detail)

Galaxy Gauge

Galaxy Gauges are for great designers who need great tools. Hold these gauges and understand the difference between graphics tools made by some corporate factory... (more detail)

Galaxy Pocket Toolbox

Galaxy Pocket Toolbox is a little design-library resource that fits in a pocket. We've squeezed five of our most popular pocket-sized design tools into one... (more detail)


Gemini quickly converts any size PDF into other formats enabling the user to reuse the content in other ways. Whether to post a user manual... (more detail)

Graphic Designer's Set

The Graphic Designer's Set comes with all of the important tools, including the all-new Font I.D. 2.0. Order the Gauge and the Color Map Pro... (more detail)

GraphicType Bundles

For detailed bundled-product descriptions, refer to each individual product.
Manufacturer: GraphicType Limited... (more detail)

GraphicType Designer

GraphicType Designer builds borders, corner pieces, surface designs, and separators to exact specifications. Each border provides for independently definable width, height, and thickness, and the... (more detail)

HTML Shrinker

HTML Shrinker is a tool for reducing the size of various web, wap, and script files.
Features of the Pro Version:
· reduces the size of... (more detail)

I2of5 Tools

When you need Interleaved 2 of 5 barcodes, I2of5Tools is the solution. Available for Microsoft Windows, the Macintosh, and UNIX, the barcode fonts in I2of5Tools... (more detail)


Infix is a revolutionary new word processor that enables the user to edit PDFs. Infix is full featured and easy to use. For the first... (more detail)

Instant PDF

Enfocus Instant PDF 3 removes the uncertainty and technical complexity from the PDF-creation process. No other application so intuitively and reliably creates Certified PDFs that... (more detail)


J2SEditor enables the user to sort files and add or modify textual IPTC metadata of graphics files without affecting the documents (e.g., the caption of... (more detail)


J2STask is a robot designed to process repetitive tasks on a large number of graphic files available locally or by FTP. Combined with J2SProfileR (sold... (more detail)


JobCapture (formerly known as IntelliTrack) is a turnkey system designed for production studios that tracks time and activity in many applications -- with minimal intrusion to... (more detail)

Kaleidoscope Designer

Kaleidoscope Designer builds complete website templates, borders, buttons, and backgrounds for graphic design, desktop-publishing, word-processing, and web-design.
· provides word processing, desktop-publishing, graphic design, and... (more detail)


Top designers are well acquainted with Kalimat X, the top-selling Arabic-based software solution which allows them to use Arabic with all Macintosh illustration and photo-retouching... (more detail)

Knoll Light Factory Training DVD

The Knoll Light Factory Pro & Editors Training DVD covers one of the world's most chosen motion graphics tools, used by thousands to create light effects... (more detail)

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