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For additional savings, check out the bundle: MagicTrack, MagicFrame, and ClassicFrames Bundle.

The MagicTrack Plug-in contains drawing tools and easy-to-use effects for all design and web-related projects. MagicTrack provides a full-fledged set of drawing and text-manipulation tools including text flow and text or path warping.

Drawing manipulations work on layers, and special effects can be applied to paths to create striking results quickly. These effects provide tubular, three-dimensional simulations and all kinds of realistic effects. An easy-to-use, advanced interface offers a large preview and unlimited zooming anywhere on the working area, at any level of detail in seconds. The effects stay live until the end, so changing one's mind is easy.

MagicTrack offers a huge library of effects — more than 250 ship with the product. Users can choose among MagicTrack effects either by browsing up or down the thumbnail previews list (which is organized under several categories such as fill, earth, tubular, outline, and so on), or by selecting an effect from the alphabetical list. These effects may be combined together on the same layer or added independently to each layer. MagicTrack offers all kinds of tubular three-dimensional effects such as fire on text, natural flower, sprays, and more.

MagicTrack is the perfect tool for designers and artists for web pages or printed production. Used from within an image-editing application such as Adobe Photoshop, the newly created image can easily be uploaded to an internet-compatible JPEG or JPG. Hundreds of MagicTrack ready-to-apply effects give web pages a distinctive look.

MagicTrack provides special effects to enhance any type or clip art within Adobe Photoshop and the product supports TrueType fonts. Users can create and edit text and paths, and effects are applied inside and around types or paths for high-quality rendering. The text-warping feature is a must have for any designer to add creativity to logos and headlines. The warping effects MagicTrack allows cannot be achieved with illustration packages currently on the market. The Plug-in provides designers hundreds of fresh, new styles to turn a simple title, banner, or button into an eye-catching illustration.

MagicTrack has a build effect command which allows users to tune any parameter of the effect such as changing a shadow, adding a stroke or a fill, changing the image sprayed along a path, hue, saturation, value, opacity, and more. Any new custom effect can be saved and integrated to the current library for future use.

MagicTrack ships on CD-ROM and includes a royalty-free library of 120 high-resolution, drum-scanned images, and more than 400 seamless tiles.

Manufacturer: Human Software Company Inc., The

System and Demo Options
System RequirementsPowerPC or greaterPentium or greater
OS Requirements7.5 or later95, 98, NT, 2000, Me
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Product Options
ProductPack QtyPlatformVersionPriceBuy
MagicTrack [ESD]
Paint Shop Pro 5.X
Painter 4.X
Photoshop 3.X
Photoshop 4.X
Photoshop 5.X
Photoshop 6.X
001 MAC 1.2 US $99.00
MagicTrack [ESD]
Paint Shop Pro 5.X
Painter 4.X
Photoshop 3.X
Photoshop 4.X
Photoshop 5.X
Photoshop 6.X
001 WIN 1.2 US $99.00

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